A wife fakes her death to escape the most dangerous man she knows: her husband. But cruel Martin Burney discovers his wife is alive, and stalks her in a small town. A young professor there is courting her, but one night she knows her compulsively neat husband has entered her house to rearrange towels in her bath and canned goods in her kitchen. He's found her. He's out there.
A love story, a mystery, and a small town in World War II. What if you want--and deserve--revenge? Miranda is bright, funny and pretty. She loves two men who want her as much as they hate each other. The war changes all three. Miranda has a happy life, and a secret. She keeps it until no one remembers. No one knows.
The world thinks Randal Eliot writes during his manic phases, but his wife Mary creates his famous books and supports their family. When Randal dies, no one will believe she is the genius. She marries a younger man, Paul, a Randal Eliot scholar. Paul cannot bear to believe Mary is the genius—she will destroy his life work and Randal Eliot’s reputation. He has killed before. He must kill again.
When Catherine Buckingham’s parents die, her young uncle, Thorn Wade, becomes her guardian and raises her as her mother wished, so Catherine becomes an adult who is not like the men—or women—of the world around her: she is a sexual creature we seldom encounter. With innocent joy Catherine explores her amorous feelings for the man who has raised her, while Thorn will not take any male initiative by word, look or action. They keep the memory of that summer like a promise they will someday fulfill. But Thorn must leave to fight in World War II. Catherine is told he is dead, and learns, painfully, how to be like women of the 40’s and 50’s. Yet Thorn is alive, and comes to find a Catherine who is finished, accomplished. How can she face the man who formed her for another life?
Three courageous young people, one a new white slave mistress, two captured black slaves--meet on South Carolina rice plantations during the summer of 1850. Black Joan and her husband Will have been raised free, then captured. Their civilized virtues make Joan valuable as a maid in the Big House, and Will soon becomes the black slave driver. Slavery's subtle poison corrupts the three industrious, warm-hearted young people, slave mistress as well as slaves. They have no choice; they survive, even triumph, just as capable young people trapped in a sick society would survive and triumph today.
In an echo of THE GOLDEN BOWL by Henry James, a rich father and daughter unknowingly marry two lovers. But in the world of this book, the father is a ruthless Iowa businessman who has earned his name of “Bonfire” by burning down his competitor’s warehouses. His beautiful young wife loves the wealthy life he gives her, but she cannot resist her new son-in-law, and he loves her still. Their risk is deadly. Bonfire has the money and the power to stop at nothing, even murder. His daughter is dear to him. When Bonfire and his daughter discover the truth, one of them will forgive, but the other will kill.
Mary Bryant grows up in a dirt-poor Nebraska family, hungry and unwanted. Her only friends are a next-door neighbor and her little half-sister Rhody, but she has to leave them and run away to Chicago to sleep under a hedge and work as a waitress. Gunther Meyer finds her, marries her, and she’s happy in her first real home with their new baby, Maria. But one day her world explodes: she discovers her marriage to Gunther was a sham. He has a rich young woman for a wife. Mary escapes to Florida with Maria, only to find that she is being pursued by Gunther, his friend Manuel, and Gunther’s new wife. They find her at Disney’s Epcot, and Manuel forces Mary to take her baby to Mexico with him, and begs her to marry him. But he keeps her a prisoner, hiding her—why? Soon the world’s reporters are on her track—what has she done?
Short stories
Publication list of award-winning short stories and a featured selection
Publication list of award-winning poems and several featured poems
A New work of Fiction


WRITERS’ TRICKS: Do you stare in despair at the blank first page of your new novel? Don’t. Find some 4 X 6 cards and begin to put down scenes from the new book that you’ve imagined…characters that have seemed real to you…places you have wanted to describe…conversations you’ve heard in your head…each on a new card. When you have a collection of these, put them on the floor and push them around with your toe. Do some of them seem to clump together and act friendly? Can you imagine putting some new writing between this one and that one? You’re on your way.

WRITERS’ TRICKS: Is that conversation you’ve written so boring—he said, she said—and yet it’s so necessary? Get a scissor and cut it up in sections. Make a sandwich. Between the “he-said-she-said” put tasty fillings. Try some significant actions as the characters talk, or description that in some exciting way makes this conversation mean more. Sometimes another conversation nearby can play off the boring one. Perhaps one speaker is secretly thinking the opposite of what’s being said. Play with it. Be surprised. The child in you knows what it’s doing.

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There is a movie titled Till Death Due Us Part 2017 starring Taye Diggs and written by Christopher B. Stokes. Other than a couple small differences it is identical to Sleeping With The Enemy. How close can you copy a book without it being plagiarism?

Good morning dear Nancy, I'm 57 years old, psychoanalyst, married and mother of 3 children, and I live in a very small village in the center of France. My life has been very hard those last years, I try to get a french editor to publish my first 2 novels, and I wanted to tell you how much grateful I am towards you, reading "l'incendiaire" is such a great happiness, it reconcilied me with writing, you see. Thanks again, with love, Sophie

Looking to get in touch with Nancy Price concerning film project with Synthetic Cinema International,LLC (

Please email me at:

We have been in contact with WME and they no longer represent you and suggested we reach-out to you directly.

My name is Nancy Owens and I met you in Gainesville, Florida with your daughter, Catherine. I am currently writing several books covering the early years of the Medellin Cartel. Do you edit your own work or do you use an outside service. I am looking for a reputable company since my funds are limited and I don't want to make the mistake of using a novice editor. I have talked to a publishing company who says that they would be very interested in this material. This will of course cover the Gainesville UF slaughters of the late 1980's including Tiffany Sessions and Chrysta Hoyt. Thanking you in advance for any info you can share.
NR Owens

hi it is again i forgot to mention the book title it is sleeping with the enemy

i would like to review this book for you i am a big fan of your's if you want to talk please contact me at

I am interested in discussion questions for No One Knows. We are doing the book for our book club on June 25, 2015. I love the book. Thank you.
Pamela Myers, director

I'll do a book presentation for school tomorrow. It's about your novel, Sleeping With The Enemy!
I just wanted to thank you. Without your awesome page I wouldn't have found enough information of you sadly... I really wish there were more sites based on you! You are such an amazing author
P.S.: What I really wonder is: why is in the movie of Sleeping With The Enemy the woman's name at first Laura Burney and then Sara Waters?

I met you in 1975 at a writers' conference at Wartburg College. Your advice was simple: "Keep writing." That's really the core of a writer's life, isn't it? There are no promises of publication, but the humble act of writing defines a writer.

Re MARC record
What are the birth and death dates of Nancy Price ?
Thank you.

why did you fist name "No one knows" as "Snake in the blackberries"? Also why did you later name the book No one knows? Was it because the secrets and love miranda only knew abou

why did you fist name "No one knows" as "Snake in the blackberries"? Also why did you later name the book No one knows? Was it because the secrets and love miranda only knew abou

i just couldn't get through your book, A natural death. I couldn't understand a thing those people were saying. I read about 1/4 of the book and then I just gave up. Very hard to understand. I liked sleeping with the enemy, but "A Natural Death" no, not at all. Sorry, but that's the truth.

After writing a book, what is the next step(s) toward getting the book published. Thank you reponse to

Greetings from Romania.My name is Emilian and i wanna thank you for makeing "Sleeping with the enemy",it's really great. Now i'm looking foward to find another interesting work of you. Congratulations an God bless you. Good Bye!!!

wasn't "sleping with the enemy" bassed on a true story?

thats very interesting ,but i want an analysis of one of her poems(The Dinner Party).please

the site is absolutely great!! it's well organised and really helpful . but why is the biography part is a short one ? please tell us more about your life ,like when did you recieve your prizes and more about your family life and please tell us more about the places where we can get your books from outside the mentioned countries . thanks a lot

Hi, My name is Alzahraa Elmogy,and I'm about to start my M.A. .Its about the genious novelist Nancy Price. I wonder if you can help me . All I need is the text ,and I'm willing to buy them from you . Please let me know if you will help me . Send me your answer on . I really need these books ,so if you are unwilling to send them please tell me so I can buy them somewhere else!I appreciate your answer.Thanks.

Hi, my name is Alzahrra Elmogy ,Egyptian girl who is about to srart her M.A. about the novels of the genious Nancy Price. I wonder if you can help me with that . I've read the summaries of your novels and seen the movie "Sleeping with the enemy" as everybody did I guess. All I need now is the main texts of the novels and some hints about your technique and themes. I've realized some myself but I'm sure there is nothing like the help of the great writter herself. If you decided to send me the texts ,please contact me on "" I'm absolutely thankful!!

This an excellent web site, and gives much sought-after background to the writtings of Nancy Price. I have read much of Nancy's work, and now want to purchase a book of her poems to read and enjoy. Where can I buy such a book? I recently purchased a book of the Complete Poems of James Hearst: outstanding and beautiful!

I'll have discussions questions posted here as each of my books is reissued in new editions.

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