A wife fakes her death to escape the most dangerous man she knows: her husband. But cruel Martin Burney discovers his wife is alive, and stalks her in a small town. A young professor there is courting her, but one night she knows her compulsively neat husband has entered her house to rearrange towels in her bath and canned goods in her kitchen. He's found her. He's out there.
A love story, a mystery, and a small town in World War II. What if you want--and deserve--revenge? Miranda is bright, funny and pretty. She loves two men who want her as much as they hate each other. The war changes all three. Miranda has a happy life, and a secret. She keeps it until no one remembers. No one knows.
The world thinks Randal Eliot writes during his manic phases, but his wife Mary creates his famous books and supports their family. When Randal dies, no one will believe she is the genius. She marries a younger man, Paul, a Randal Eliot scholar. Paul cannot bear to believe Mary is the genius—she will destroy his life work and Randal Eliot’s reputation. He has killed before. He must kill again.
When Catherine Buckingham’s parents die, her young uncle, Thorn Wade, becomes her guardian and raises her as her mother wished, so Catherine becomes an adult who is not like the men—or women—of the world around her: she is a sexual creature we seldom encounter. With innocent joy Catherine explores her amorous feelings for the man who has raised her, while Thorn will not take any male initiative by word, look or action. They keep the memory of that summer like a promise they will someday fulfill. But Thorn must leave to fight in World War II. Catherine is told he is dead, and learns, painfully, how to be like women of the 40’s and 50’s. Yet Thorn is alive, and comes to find a Catherine who is finished, accomplished. How can she face the man who formed her for another life?
Three courageous young people, one a new white slave mistress, two captured black slaves--meet on South Carolina rice plantations during the summer of 1850. Black Joan and her husband Will have been raised free, then captured. Their civilized virtues make Joan valuable as a maid in the Big House, and Will soon becomes the black slave driver. Slavery's subtle poison corrupts the three industrious, warm-hearted young people, slave mistress as well as slaves. They have no choice; they survive, even triumph, just as capable young people trapped in a sick society would survive and triumph today.
In an echo of THE GOLDEN BOWL by Henry James, a rich father and daughter unknowingly marry two lovers. But in the world of this book, the father is a ruthless Iowa businessman who has earned his name of “Bonfire” by burning down his competitor’s warehouses. His beautiful young wife loves the wealthy life he gives her, but she cannot resist her new son-in-law, and he loves her still. Their risk is deadly. Bonfire has the money and the power to stop at nothing, even murder. His daughter is dear to him. When Bonfire and his daughter discover the truth, one of them will forgive, but the other will kill.
Mary Bryant grows up in a dirt-poor Nebraska family, hungry and unwanted. Her only friends are a next-door neighbor and her little half-sister Rhody, but she has to leave them and run away to Chicago to sleep under a hedge and work as a waitress. Gunther Meyer finds her, marries her, and she’s happy in her first real home with their new baby, Maria. But one day her world explodes: she discovers her marriage to Gunther was a sham. He has a rich young woman for a wife. Mary escapes to Florida with Maria, only to find that she is being pursued by Gunther, his friend Manuel, and Gunther’s new wife. They find her at Disney’s Epcot, and Manuel forces Mary to take her baby to Mexico with him, and begs her to marry him. But he keeps her a prisoner, hiding her—why? Soon the world’s reporters are on her track—what has she done?
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Ben drove fast, his car windows open to the hot September morning. Laura. He’d just gone into that red fog of love—come out the other side and saw he’d been taken again. He’d had to live with that for almost two weeks now.

Ben whacked the wheel with his fist. Laura let him kiss her, let him carry her upstairs and then froze and talked about hate. Hate. Well, she was right.

Just a tease. (There were worse words for it.) And he was into his third week of classes. His student evaluations were ahead. Members of his department would be watching him teach, then they’d write long letters describing his teaching methods, his testing, his attitude….

And his lawn mower had quit on him. Sears used to have a branch at Black Hawk Village, but now you had to go all the way to the Crossroads if you wanted repairs. He had time enough before a two o’clock curriculum committee meeting.

And he couldn’t sleep.

“Damn fool,” Ben said out loud, taking South Main. He shouldn’t have rushed her, but he just saw red. She wouldn’t tell him anything about her, and she wouldn’t let him—

Damn fool. Laura. She’d made him feel like a damn fool.

His front yard looked like a hayfield.

He had to park a long way from Sears and carry the mower, and it was hot. He had to wait in a line. He tapped his fingers on a counter and thought maybe he shouldn’t have rushed her. She was crying. He’d just forget her completely. Let her walk out.

A fat clerk took down everything but the color of Ben’s eyes and his mother’s maiden name when all he wanted was a lawn mower that worked. He watched the clerk scribbling and thought that he hadn’t made any promises, hadn’t bought Laura fancy presents or taken her to New York. He’d just dreamed about it, thank God, and now he didn’t have to be with her any more, hadn’t been for almost two weeks now.

He was pretending she didn’t exist. Finally he got out of Sears and walked back to his car in the heat. Women who wear sexy clothes and smile and then say, “Oh, no, not you” and slide right out of your life. Laura was probably laughing at him because he’d tried to score.

The road home was nothing but four-way stops; he swore. Her breasts were so beautiful. Damn. He could have gone with Laura to New York at Christmas and seen plays and foreign films; he imagined them arguing in their hotel room afterward, hashing over the directing, the acting, the staging, and then making love.

You were supposed to go after them—they wanted you to—and she had such a curve to her hips now. But she cried. And pretty legs—

Red lights at Main and University seemed to last five minutes. He sat and swore in the stink of everybody’s exhaust. If they were married and she wanted to go on and get an M.A. in library science, he’d let her; she’d practically be living on campus because his house was so close. If he had a wife, he wouldn’t have to take care of the damn details and could write that book…here he was, out of bread and he had to make his own lunch.

Ben swung into the Jack and Jill lot and stopped with a squeal of tires. She wouldn’t tell him anything about her. She was probably married. That quiet face of hers.

He had to wait in line again at the checkout counter. He hunched his shoulders and looked around the store. It was full of university students, as usual, because it was only a block or two from campus. A brunette with pants as tight as skin on a peach was getting to a guy sacking her groceries—the poor guy was putting cans on top of bananas.

A woman like Laura could always find a man. Probably Laura’d been living with some guy and just got tired of him.

Ben got home and was so hungry he fried a hamburger with onions the ways Laura had taught him, even if it wasn’t lunchtime. He knew enough now to pour the grease off.

“Damn idiot,” he told himself every now and then, and listened for her screen door, and was careful not to brown the hamburger too much, and mumbled, “Idiot. Damn.” He white skin would look almost blue when it wasn’t tan.

He could have a nice, quiet evening by himself or a few hours at one of the joints on the Hill with Hal and Noney Esterbrook or Grant Barney and Jan Dugan. He wasn’t going to think about Laura Pray. Maybe she liked women, not men? A cold lesbian.

Laura’s back-porch door squeaked. When he heard it he might as well have had her plastered against him. He watched hot grease pop in the pan and wanted her in bed and wanted to hit her—

Hate. While he was shaking with what he wanted, he was shaking with what scared him.

And Laura stood where he could see her, white shirt and shorts bright against deep green.

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